You are the parent of a child who does not look in your direction or answer to his or her own name. We understand the fear, frustration and helplessness of a parent confronted with the diagnosis of autism in their child.

Autism emerges in a child’s first three years of life and can range from mild to severe. Autism impacts the child’s language development and social relatedness. These children are lost in a world of language, locked inside themselves and cannot relate to their parents, their peers or the world around them.
Autism is the fastest growing developmental childhood disability in the United States and the world. In New York City hundreds of these children are waiting for placement in appropriate educational and therapeutic settings.

Parents fortunate enough to have found appropriate programs for their child have been traveling daily with their child to schools and therapeutic programs as far away as Princeton, New Jersey and Orange and Westchester counties. Very few programs, both private and public, exist in New York City to service these children. The Department of Education is overwhelmed and the private sector is first beginning to recognize this great communal and educational need.

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Program information may be obtained by
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