MCC also offers a transitional teaching model whereby instruction is faded from a one-to-one supported teaching model, to a less restrictive two-to-one teaching model. We believe that this model is a key component to successfully transitioning our students into less restrictive classrooms. Similar to our one-to-one model, our teaching is rooted in the principles of applied behavior analysis and covers five instructional repertoires (academic, verbal behavior, social skills, community of reinforcement and self-management). Students in the Transitional Classroom receive 2-3 hours per day of individual one-to-one instruction that is tailored to each student’s unique learning needs, while being directly taught to learn when presented with academic instruction in a small group setting. This is achieved by systematically fading in demands while also increasing the group size. This classroom model of up to eight students is also supported by our related services offerings in speech and language therapy and occupational therapy.

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech Therapy at MCC focuses on development of a student’s communication skills through development of receptive and expressive language skills.

Each student at MCC receives individual sessions of speech and language therapy and may also receive small group instruction and lunch time consultation as appropriate. Communication goals may include a concentration on articulation, pitch, fluency, and volume, or in the case of students who do not have vocal verbal behavior, assistive technologies to increase communication.

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At The Manhattan Childrens Center we believe that every child must have the
opportunity to become a functional member of their community

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The faculty at the Manhattan Childrens Center provides supervision for student teachers from the many area Universities including Columbia University, Hunter College, Queens College, Teachers College and New York University


Thomas Gelb, JD

Founder and President

Perrie Gelb, MS, SLP/CCC, TSHH

Founder and Director of Clinical Affairs

Abigail Szoszun-Weiss, LMSW

Chief Administrative Officer
Dr-Amy J

Dr. Amy J. Davies Lackey,

Director of Education

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At The Manhattan Childrens Center we believe that every child must have the opportunity to become a functional member of their community.

Other Programs

One of the primary goals for students at MCC is to teach and prepare our students to be successful in school, their home, and their community.


he MCC Foundation, Inc is 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, which supports The Manhattan Childrens Center (``MCC``).