At Manhattan Childrens Center (MCC), we are not only committed to providing a world-class education to our students, but our passion and dedication to the field extends to the development of opportunities for career advancement in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

MCC in partnership with CUNY Queens College, an approved BACB course provider, is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind program on-site at MCC. At the conclusion of this program, candidates will have an Advanced Certificate in ABA and will have met the coursework requirements necessary to sit for the BCBA exam. MCC employees enrolled in the program can attend classroom lectures on-site at MCC immediately after the conclusion of the work day. With over 10 BCBAs on staff, enrollees can also complete their independent fieldwork supervision hours while working at MCC.

Supervision hours are available to employees or BCBA interns who are enrolled in coursework approved by the BACB as leading towards BCBA certification. Currently, MCC has over 10 BCBAs on staff to provide supervision and training, and share hands-on experience with candidates.


If you are interested in pursuing BCBA supervision at MCC
please contact Alan Kinsella

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Alan Kinsella


MCC welcomes student teachers from programs throughout New York city. MCC has student teaching opportunities for most ages in 1:1 classrooms, 2:1 classrooms and less restrictive classrooms. All of the classrooms are self-contained, but the students have many inclusion opportunities throughout the week. In addition, all classrooms use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to drive teaching methods and ensure progress is made.

First and foremost, MCC must be approved by your program and you must complete the necessary requirements through your university. Once placed at MCC, student teachers complete similar training that any full-time instructor would complete. On a day-to-day basis, student teachers are expected to maintain student safety, work 1:1 or 2:1 with students, provide support during group and social activities, provide support during lunch and leisure skills, and, if their schedule permits, graph and maintain student programming.

MCC will work collaboratively with the university program to ensure observations and assignments are completed.

Responsibilities of Student Teachers may include:

  • Running instruction with students in 1:1 or 2:1 settings and support in group settings
  • Promoting generalization of skills acquired in structured setting
  • Following students’ behavior intervention plans and reporting all behavior management issues to the teacher
  • Working collaboratively with teacher to ensure timely completion of school-related projects
  • Attending relevant staff trainings
  • Eyes-on and hands-on supervision of students within the classroom and during transitions within and out of the building
  • Planning, preparing, and implementing group activities as assigned by the Lead Teacher
  • Graphing and analyzing daily data
  • Supporting students during lunch, leisure skills and community based instruction
  • Arriving on time and remaining at placement for duration of assignment


  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited college
  • Enrollment in a related Master’s program
  • Experience in or a genuine interest in ABA
  • Ability to learn quickly and work independently
  • Positive and warm attitude



  • A genuine interest in teaching and willingness to motivate students to learn
  • Enrollment in a 4 year program – anticipated completion of a bachelor’s degree
  • Sensitivity to the needs of all students
  • Must have a positive/can-do attitude
  • A desire to acquire effective training techniques in behavior analysis programming

Responsibilities of Interns may include:

  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited college
  • Promoting generalization of skills acquired in structured setting
  • Attending relevant staff trainings
  • Preparing student specific and group materials
  • Supporting students during lunch, leisure skills and community based instruction
  • Arriving on time each day
  • Following directions provided by the Lead Teacher and classroom instructors

To apply for a Student Teaching Position or Internship,
Submit all your cover letters and resumes

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Alan Kinsella