In order to provide opportunities for our students to progress academically, socially, and in their communication skills, MCC offers opportunities for students to interact with non-disabled peers through our Peer Buddy, Art Smarts and Lunch Bunch programs, as well as a reverse inclusion program at MCC and Crossbridge and inclusion opportunities with partnering private schools and a full-inclusion program with partnering private schools. A criterion-based inventory of skills required for inclusive opportunities provides both goals for teaching and criteria for participation.

Social Programs

MCC strives to provide a continuum of social opportunities for all students attending the school. For students who have not yet met criterion to participate in our reverse inclusion and inclusion programs, MCC provides structured teaching opportunities so that these students can acquire the prerequisite skills needed to advance into additional opportunities.

Students participate in weekly social skills groups whose objectives include goals such as: parallel play, attending, joint attention, functional play with toys, collaborative play, and the rules of social interaction.

SAR High School participates in Charity Champions

Altice USA recognized SAR High School freshman for participating in the Charity Champions program during a volunteer visit to Manhattan Childrens Center in New York. In addition to fundraising for the center that provides education and support for children on the Autism spectrum, the SAR students have been volunteering as one on one buddies, playing and working with the school’s children and helping them with engagement and social skills.

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At The Manhattan Childrens Center we believe that every child must have the
opportunity to become a functional member of their community

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The faculty at the Manhattan Childrens Center provides world class treatment and education to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA).


Thomas Gelb, JD

Founder and President

Perrie Gelb, MS, SLP/CCC, TSHH

Founder and Director of Clinical Affairs

Abigail Szoszun-Weiss, LMSW

Chief Operating Officer

Josh Gelb, JD

Chief Strategy Officer

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At The Manhattan Childrens Center we believe that every child must have the opportunity to become a functional member of their community.

Other Programs

One of the primary goals for students at MCC is to teach and prepare our students to be successful in school, their home, and their community.


he MCC Foundation, Inc is 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, which supports The Manhattan Childrens Center (``MCC``).